June 9, 2012

Kiss the Dead

To read, or not to read?  That is my question.
I've been trolling the blogs for book reviews and much to my horror, it seems like KTD is just as bad, if not worse, than Hit List.
Has Ms Hamilton lost her mojo?  Anita Blake was always a series I got excited about when a new book was being released.  The plot was great, dialogue snappy and you formed a real bond with various characters.  Sex was hinted at, but Anita had her reasons for declining and the resulting sexual tension just made the series fabulous!
Now, 15+ years later, sex is just a vehicle for the lack of plot, and too many characters and subplots.  The series itself seems to have lost the plot.  Anita's gone from a strong woman who is trying to keep her integrity in a tough and violent world to (as one Amazon reviewer put it) a Super S - and it rhymes with nut - who seems to hit the sheets more than she sits down for a meal.
As a long time fan, I think LKH should take a break from this muse and really try to salvage this previously great series before it's beyond saving.

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