June 13, 2012

'Kiss of Snow' . . . addictive!

Sorry I'm a bit late with this review.  After reading KoS I immediately ransacked my bookshelf and started rereading the Psy-Changeling series from Slave to Sensation, finishing with a second reading of KoS.

As the faithful followers know this is the book we've all been waiting for - Hawke and Sienna's story.  I couldn't wait for my copy to arrive from Book Depository UK, so I tracked a copy down at the library. 

What can I say?  I loved it!  Hawke is the tough as nails alpha of the SnowDancers who buried his heart along with his mate over two decades ago.  He's been, if not content, then at least stoic, to go through life knowing that a mate and family are not in the cards for him.

Then in pops Sienna Laurens, literally.  A troubled Psy who defected from the Psy net with her family, and who now is working her way up the pack structure.  But this flame-haired hellion is hiding a dangerous ability.
Set amidst the ever increasing attacks by the Psy.  This story takes you on Hawke's journey as he reluctantly navigates his way through the roadblocks that he himself seems to be throwing in the way.  His guilt over his lost his mate and certainty that he can't offer Sienna a bonding as well as his anger at the Psy for their role in the losses he suffered in his youth.

At the end, it's a beautiful story about recognising love - even when you don't really want it.  Hawke's is the story I most wanted to read as soon as he was introduced in Slave to Sensation.  It took five years, but its definitely been well worth the wait!

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