July 11, 2012

Review - Cast in Ruin

Cast in Ruin (Book 7, Chronicles of Elantra)
Michelle Sagara
Release Date: 20 September, 2011

Seven corpses are discovered in the streets of a Dragon’s fief. All identical, down to their clothing. 

Kaylin Neya is assigned to discover who they were, who killed them–and why. Is the evil lurking at the borders of Elantra preparing to cross over? 

At least the investigation delays her meeting with the Dragon Emperor. And as the shadows grow longer over the fiefs, Kaylin must use every skill she’s ever learned to save the people she’s sworn to protect. Sword in hand, dragons in sky, this time there’s no retreat and no surrender….

I've just finished reading Book 7 of the Chronicles of Elantra and I only have one thing to say... WOW!

Kaylin Neya is finally growing up, but I have to admit that those Dragon's need a clip under the ears.  I'm hoping at some stage that Kaylin definitely gives them what for seeings how they treat her like dirt at times and she the freaking Chosen one!  For those of you who haven't read it yet - and there can't be many of you - I won't say who ends up as Kaylin's staunch supporter (and it's not Severn), but it's nice to know that Kaylin finally has someone of power who doesn't think of her as useless because of her mortality.

Lord Diarmat is a complete and total prat.  He reminds me very strongly of Sgt. Mallory, who replaced Iron Jaws for a while, in that he seems to intensely dislike Kaylin for things that she can't control.  I would just love to see old fussy-britches Dragon get his comeuppance.  Arkon plays more of a part in this tale.  He has some very scary moments, even going so far as to reduce another Dragon's clothing to ash - while they're still wearing it!  Lord Tiamaris and Tara are also key in the story.  Nightshade makes an appearance, and a request that will come to pass in Cast in Peril.

However, there is no interaction with the Foundlings or Marrin in this book which I found a little disappointing.  Kaylin needs all the unconditional love and support she can get, and Marrin and the children play a huge part in that.  Surprisingly, there was also no SOS from the Midwives Guild.  I think in part it is because the egg she is mothering will play an important role.  The egg itself is quite mysterious, and what happens to Teela when she tries to touch it is quite startling.  Although I think the race of the inhabitant of the egg is hinted at with the colours it turns - gold, orange and red.  Ring any bells?

Anyway, I found this to be a wonderful book.  Severn and Kaylin are more open about their feelings, and her past in the fief of Barren.  I think she'll have to make a choice soon.  Severn or Nightshade.

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