August 4, 2012

Mistake Corrected

Okay, yesterday I mentioned that I had a parcel of books delivered in the mail, but in said delivery was a lonely little interloper.  As I pawed over the shiny new titles, I noticed one of my books was missing.  There was no Touch of Frost!  That's right.  I could not begin my journey into the Mythos Academy.  So, what did they send in it's stead I hear you ask?  Well, it could not have been further from this genre.

What I found was a skinny a$$ book called Praying the Psalms.  So not my style, and so started the flurry of emails yesterday between myself and Book Depository.  I send a photo, plus other details, and they were great about it.  By early evening (AUS time), I am happy to report that the mistake had beeen corrected and my book should be on it's way ASAP.  Yah!  This is the third time in nearly 3 years that I've had a problem, and each time it's been dealt with quickly and professionally - and most importantly, in my favour - so I have nothing but good things to say about the treatment I've received from them.

Oh, and I'm going to give Praying the Psalms to one of my elderly aunts who I think would appreciate it.

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