August 18, 2012

New books

Hi all!  I spent a few days visiting family back on the coast - had a wonderful time - and managed to come home with yet more books!  Between the visit and a quick raid on the bookstores in town I now have to find more space on the bookshelves.

  • Shadow Kin - M.J. Scott
  • Celebrity in Death ... yes, it finally rocked up!
  • Two weeks notice - Rachel Caine
  • Red - Jordan Summers
  • Heart of Darkness - Lauren Dane
  • Hell and Earth - Elizabeth Bear (An Elizabethan Duology)
  • Fated - Alyson Noel
  • Soulbound - Heather Brewer
  • The Sword and the Pen - Elysa Hendricks
  • A Warrior's Desire - Pamela Palmer (Nocturne)

Having read some of them already, I can tell you that Fated (The Soul Seekers Bk 1) is fabulous!  Can't wait for Echo in November.  

In my opinion, Two Weeks Notice (A Revivalist Novel Bk 2) is better than Working Stiff - and the last chapters are a real twist.  Bryn is heading up sh!t creek and can't find her paddle at the moment.  I want the third book and I have no idea when it's out yet.

Red (Dead World Book 1) took a little getting into.  Set in a post-war Earth in the 22nd century, Gina Santiago - kick arse soldier - finds a border town holds the answers to questions she never new to ask.  This is a werewolf story, with 'others' being declared a myth, but those in the know are hunting them down.  Great book, set up the next book in the trilogy very well.

Lauren Dane's Heart of Darkness is borderline for me.  I loved the idea, and Dominic was all but bubbling over with bad-a$$-ness (and boy is he yummy!), but I think the instant bonding/soul mates/etc. has just about been done to death.  Eyes meeting over a crowded room, connection snaps in, 'oh, I think I might love you' two days later.  Give it a rest please!  Maybe I'm being a little harsh about it... maybe not.  Okay, so I found that tedious, but Meriel is a great strong female who kicks butt and doesn't take any crap.  The fact that within pages the author can have her showing a vulnerable side makes up for a lot of the not-so-great bits.  It's a purely witchy romance, with a bit of murder and mystery thrown in for spice.

The one disappointing read so far was Shadow Kin by M.J. Scott.  I'd been eyeing this off on Book Depository for a while now, and happened to see it at my local bookstore so I grabbed it.  While the storyline is interesting, there is just something about a guilt-laden hero that just gets annoying after a while.  Maybe the next book will be better?

I've heard interesting things about Soulbound (Legacy of Tril Bk 1), so it's waiting for me to get to.  The premise sounds good - girl wanting to train as a fighter, not as the healer she should be.  There are two guys who pull her in different directions, and with deceit and betrayal, plus a budding romance, it should be good.

The other 

Well, that's it for now.  Hope you also found something interesting to read this week.

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