April 20, 2014

Short and Sweet

Happy Easter to all!  Just a quick post today.  My feet are still sore from the Garden Expo yesterday - see Country drive and the Garden Expo - as well as my recent hydrotherapy, but I've managed to keep busy with my books.  

Currently re-reading the Sea Haven books for the upcoming release of Book 3, Air Bound, that's due out in the next couple of weeks.  I loved the Drake Sisters books (Hannah and Joley's stories are my favourites), but found that although I really liked Lev and Rikki's story, Water Bound, I wasn't all that fused with Stefan and Judith's.  Something was just a little bit lacking for me in Spirit Bound.  I did enjoy the end however, and have a sneaking suspicion that the robed priest at the end was one of the Prakenskii brothers.

Anyway, since I haven't had a chance to buy any new books recently - part lack of interest, and part 'they're too expensive at the moment' - I'm enjoying some old favourites.  Have gone through ALL my Stephanie Plums... again! ... and have just finished the Sea Haven Novels.  Finished Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett recently for my Book Club.  Set in the 20's it was a very different style of book.  Loved the name of the hunky bootlegger, Winter Magnusson... but I digress.  Will post a review after my Book Club meeting ;-D

So apart from doing the odd bit of reading here and there I've been pottering around my balcony and trying to reorganize the space.  Would love to get a very green and private space going, but it's very hard when you have a west facing balcony - and the landlord won't let you put in 2 screws to hold up an ornate bracket for a hanging pot!  Deep breaths...

Well, that's all from me on this Easter Sunday.  I hope you enjoy your day - and your chocolates.

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