June 2, 2014

Just a quick update

Hi there, just a quick update as I haven't posted in what seems like forever.

I'm having some down time from reading.  It helps every now and then to just put the books aside and focus on something different before diving back into the huge stack of TBR books I have dotted around the bookshelves.  To that end, I've pulled out the sewing machine so I can get a some more done on gifts for upcoming birthdays and looking ahead for Christmas.  I just bought some fabulous red/black/and white charm packs for a big quilt that I want to make for my mum this year.  I'm aiming for a double/queen size (?) so that she can use it on her bed.  A bit of a step up from my first ever project of a large lap quilt, but I can do this in stages and I've chosen a fairly simple pattern that can be altered and adjusted to suit if I get a little bored doing the same blocks over and over again ;-D

Now, I was never a sewing kinda girl.  In high school I loved cooking in Home Ecc., but I just hated those days when sewing was on the schedule!  {Following the lines on the page sew up the first line, reverse, sew back up that line... don't forget to use zig zag stitch class!...grrr!} Nothing ever seemed to go to plan - and some of the guys were better sewers! - I just got so frustrated with it.  Now nearly 20 years later I'm getting into sewing and all excited about using the fabric I've been collecting since the late 90's.  Who would have thought?

So with a few gifts in the pipelines (including the zip pouch above that I still have to sew a label to) and some more books to pre-order in my favourite series - Magic Breaks, Cast in Flame, A Shiver of Light, The Book of Life, to name a few - I'm enjoying my time away from the computer/laptop and hope to return soon, refreshed and raring to go!

In the meantime, "happy reading!" my lovelies!

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