August 13, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday - Love Triangles

Hello!  And welcome to my second adventure in the Top 5 Wednesday.  This week we are exploring the Top 5 Love Triangles.   Drawn together by love or lust - or by magical bonds - these are the 5 threesomes that have pushed their way to the top of my list ;-D

#5 Sookie/Bill/Eric
Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris
Although this series finished with a fizzle, the beginning of the series, the love triangle between Sookie with the the vampires fighting for her favour - Bill and Eric - just made great reading.  ;-D

#4 Anita Blake/Micah/Nathaniel
Anita Blake series by LKH
While not Anita's only - or main - threesome, this group is a much healthier pairing of individuals.  Dispite her accidental bonding with Nathaniel (and Damien), that is not the love triangle I'm using.  Instead it is the bond of love that Anita feels towards her Nimir-Raj, Micah, and their leopard Nathaniel that is the recipient of my #4 spot.  There is a real sense of home and family about Anita and Micah and their inclusion of Nathaniel.  No metaphysical or magical ties.  Just of love and friendship.

#3 Stephanie Plum/Morelli/Ranger
Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich
What can I say?  This is my favourite threesome to read about.  However, for some unknown reason I just can't put them at #1.  I love the way that Stephanie just can't seem to choose between her men, and that although Ranger is okay with her relationship with Morelli, Morelli has always been in the dark about the extent of her involvement with Ranger.   Funny and believable - but not epic.

#2 Merry Gentry/Doyle/Frost
Merry Gentry series by LKH
Merry is genuinely in love with her main two men.  There is an incredible bond between them, and I love how they have slowly evolved into the characters they are.  Although I prefer Merry and her Men to my number one, they just didn't have the extremes of feelings that my number one Love Triangle do...

#1 Anita Blake/Jean-Claude/Richard Zeeman
Anita Blake series by LKH
This is not a healthy love triangle by any means, but it is my number one because of the complicated threads that hold this threesome together.  It is not only about love, but survival.  Love, anger, fear, lust, hate and self-loathing are all found in this triumverate.

So, those are my all-time {for now} favourite Love Triangles.  If you want to know more about the Top 5 Wednesday group - or join the T5W family - visit the Goodreads page {here} for more information.  

Oh, and please feel free to post a link to your own Top 5 list as I'd love to see who your favourite love triangles were ;-D

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