November 4, 2014

Mystery of the late book order solved!

Just a quick update as 2 boxes arrived in the mail just a few minutes ago... however one of them - the late Book Outlet box - had been violated by Australian Customs!  Yes, that's right my lovelies.  Customs has deprived me of a true unboxing as what arrived on my doorstep was a battered box held together with sticky tape and extra stickers ;-D

I know that for the security of the country items are screened, x-rayed, sniff tested by dogs, blah, blah, blah.  But I really don't like it when my books arrive in even a slightly battered condition (mainly around the top/bottom of the spine as you can see).   There is nothing I can do about this however -  but if they'd been truly damaged though?... grrrr

On a happier note, the second box was from Book Depository and contained a boxed set of the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness (US Hardcover!) that I've been lusting over for ages now.  It arrived in perfect condition, nestled amongst the new chunky bubble wrap they're using, and I've already put them up on my shelves to be admired by all {grin}.  Now I just have to find room for the other new books on my already cramped shelves.

I'll have better pics up when I review them, so watch out for them in the near future ;-D


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