November 5, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday - Red Covers

Well it's that time of the week again.  Time to delve into the mysterious, and often forgotten, depths of my bookshelves to find my Top 5 books of the week.  This week we are looking for our favourite books with RED covers. 


Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

 A striking cover even though the cover art has nothing to do with the story.  Love the
fonts and it has a raised text which feels nice against the glossy background.


Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones 

Love this series, and the cover is gorgeous.  It's things like the tennis shoes, sexy dress,
skull ring with the scythe that make it memorable.  Is just so Charlie ;-D


 Playing with Fire by Katie MacAlister

This is the first book in the Silver Dragons Trilogy (set immediately after Aisling Grey series finishes), and I just love it.
Very simple graphics that are represent the book.  Love the colours.... love dragons ;-D


Undead and Unpopular by MaryJanice Davidson

This is the 5th Book in the Undead series about Betsy Taylor, a woman who loses her job on
her 30th birthday and is killed on the same day only to wake up in a funeral home - in cheap knock-off  clothing!  
Turns out that Betsy is the foretold new Queen of the Undead.

Funny series, quick and uncomplicated.  Love the simple vector graphics which are very
much a representation of the Betsy.


A Girls Guide to Vampires by Katie MacAlister

While I wasn't in love with this series, these covers are just amazing.  I love the simplicity
of the woman in her Asian dress.  The small intricate details such as the laces on her shoes, or
the bow and arrow in her hand, are just gorgeous.  This has to be my favourite red cover to date.

So, that's it for yet another week.  Hope you enjoyed my favourite red covers.  I'd love to hear what you think of them.

This series was created by the lovely Lainey at GINGERREADSLAINEY and I'll include a link to the Goodreads group {here} if you would also like to participate.

Until next time,


  1. I love all these covers! I now feel the need to read the Charley Davidson series. Thanks for introducing me to it :).
    I found out that I have very few red covers in my collection...

    1. Thank you. Will check out your link asap ;-D