February 21, 2015

Tropical Cyclone Marcia

I don't know if any of you lovely people out there have been following this, but Queensland has just been hit by a rather quick forming cyclone.  TC Marcia may have been small, but she certainly packed a punch (Cat 5), and she's not done yet.  Although downgraded to a Cat 1 cyclone, Marcia has been steadily heading down the coast, which means that by lunchtime today it should be over/near my town, and although I love wet and stormy weather, I'm not to enthused about the strong winds that could still be gusting at over 95km/h - even if she's downgraded again into a Low.

 Out and about after heading to the shops to pay a bill - in case I get flooded in!

Strangely while everyone back home on the coast is getting drenched, I had no real rain to report yesterday.  Then at about 10pm last night, the heavens opened and it has been raining ever since.  It's down to a drizzle at the moment, but there has been enough rain over the last 12 hours to start flooding some roads.  I hope that any of the rivers upstream don't flood - otherwise I'll be flooded in!

Wish I was back on the coast for this.  I just love watching the waves crash against the shore.  Although if we get more rain running off into the massive storm drain that backs up to my unit complex, then I'll definitely be seeing some wave action!

Thinking warm thoughts ;-D, and until next time,

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