May 30, 2015

I bought more books!

Just a quick hello - Hello! - and an update of why I could never commit to a full on book buying ban. While out shopping yesterday I wandered into my local Big W (for a plant pot) and completely lost the plot.  I ended up getting two of the books {above}, and put a stack on lay-by.  I'm soooo bad.

They had a boxed set of the Penguin Children's Classics down to $15, as well as a boxed set of the Percy Jackson series for $24! Unfortunately these were both in paperback, but for these prices I didn't care!  So by now I thought I'd done pretty good, but no.  There was more discount goodness in store for me around the end of the aisle.

There I found a hardcover book - with slipcase - celebrating 50 years of James Bond posters and a trade paperback of Daughters of the Storm which I have been eyeing off for months now.  They were down to $10 each people... $10 each!  With one final book, Troll Mountain by Matthew Reilly, added to my armful I realised that I had to get out of there.  Considering that about two weeks ago Big W had been a spontaneous 10% off Saturday for ALL books and I'd gone nuts and put so many books on lay-by yesterday's splurge was crazy - but I love them!

I'll post some photo's of all the pretty books once I get them in my hot little hands.  I hope you have had better luck resisting the call of the pretty books.  If you haven't, let me know down below what you bought ;-D

Until next time,

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