September 15, 2015

Modern Classic with a beautiful cover

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

When my postman brought this to my door this morning I was so happy! This book is even better in person than it was online.  First off, it has a gorgeous movie tie-in cover, plus it has that lovely suede-like feel to it (always a bonus), and finally it is nice and floppy.  I won't have to worry about cracking the spine on this baby.

Why did I buy this book?  Well, this is the book that I have had in mind for a personal challenge for quite a few years now, but I've never found an edition that I liked.  I finally managed to snag this edition from Book Depository - with a hefty discount!  So, this will be my 2016 modern classic challenge.  I have a year in which to read the book - all 984 pages! - from cover to cover.

Still wondering why I set myself this goal, but... I can't remember why.   If you have read this, let me know what whether you liked it, or not, and would you recommend reading this book to anyone?

Wish me luck.

Until next time,

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