November 9, 2015

Christmas starting early this year

Hello my lovelies!
This is just going to be a rambling entry as I just can't seem to get myself into a bookish mood.  Still waiting for new things to arrive in the post, but I will show you three of my favourite non-bookish thngs I found this week.  
I'm getting into the Christmas Spirit early this year so I wanted to show you all my latest finds.  Firstly, I saw this online and immediately called my mum to see if she could find it in her area (I don't have a K-Mart here!) and yes, she bought it for me ;-D  I love it, and it is sitting on a box beside my computer desk until I decide exactly where I want it.  Then on Saturday I saw this cute Christmas ornaments, a little felt bird, and had to have it, then I remembered I'd seen some sweet hanging mason jars for candles a few days before, so I bought one to go along with the red theme I've got going this year.  I wanted things to decorate my bookshelves with, but they have instead found their way into my bedroom.  I've got the bird hanging from my lacy curtain, and the candle holder is currently on the box next to the ampersand light.
On the bookish side of things after the success of last weekend's TBR only reading binge, I just haven't really been feeling like picking up any other books from my massive TBR pile.  Instead I've been spending waaaay too much time on YouTube, and rereading some of my favourite books.  It's become a bit of a problem.

I was planning on doing something about that today, but it's overcast, and quite chilly for November!, so I'm sitting back on the bed, watching YouTube.  There  are plenty of things that really need to get done, but the weather has saved me from laundry duty, however I should have gone to the store this morning for a few groceries, but have decided to put that off until tomorrow so I can bask in the glory that is spending a lazy morning in bed so I can make the most of my favourite weather ;-D

Hoping that the postman delivers a book or two today - I ordered another handful of books, yeah! - and am still debating whether or not I should read the Song of Ice and Fire books before watching the TV series.  Yes, I still haven't read/watched it... and I own the books and seasons 1-4 on Blu-ray! {hmmm, a little off topic there}  So, I've got a myriad of bookish things to get done, read, or watch, but just can't seem to summon the enthusiasm to start any of it.  

Do you feel this way at times?  Let me know down below if you do, and what worked to get you out of your reading funk.

Until next time,


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