November 11, 2015

T5W || Books I DNF'd

Hi!  Long time, no see ;-D

This week I'm just going to jump straight into the topic - books I DNF'd.  It's weird when a book you love finds it's way onto the DNF list of someone else, however I really did not find the following books appealing in any way - so much so that after a few chapters I just couldn't force myself to read any more.

A quick disclaimer.  The following titles are in no particular order.  These are my own personal opinions.  You may love these and that's great, however for whatever reason, they just weren't my cup of tea.

I know a lot of people will gasp in horror at finding Fangirl and Sharp Objects on my list, but I really disliked both of these.  Fangirl I just found to be too YA for me.  Sharp Objects is the first Gillian Flynn book that I read, and because of that I'm not keen on picking up Gone Girl (even though I own it!).  Guilded, Phoenix Rising and Unholy Ghosts I found to the main characters to be extremely unlikable and I really didn't care what happened.  

So, that was my lightning quick T5W for this week.  Let me know in the comments if you agree with any of my choices.

As always, T5W was created by the lovely Lainey over at GINGERREADSLAINEY and I'll include a link to the Goodreads group {HEREif you would also like to participate. 

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