May 21, 2011

Gotta Dance!

Have been feeding my silver screen fix for the last few days.  I recently pulled out and dusted off my boxed set of 'That's Entertainment' and spent a few hours just watching Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ann Miller and company light up the screen.

It really has been ages since I have even so much as glanced at the 'classics' section of my DVDs, but I saw something on TV earlier this week and it just got me hankering to watch my all time favourite legend Gene Kelly.  Unfortunately for moi I'd forgotten that I've packed most of my DVDs away in boxes - to save room for my books - oops!  So I sought comfort on the net, trying to find a couple of really great photos.  Talk about trying to find a needle in a haystack! 

I did happen across a truly wonderful photo thanks to a friend who emailed it to me {big thanks to you!}.  I just have to show you because it shows Gene Kelly the man, not the polished star.  For all you Kelly fans out there, little white attic, enjoy!

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