August 5, 2012

200th blog and I'm Dying for Daylight

Woo hoo!  200 blog entries.  Okay, it sounds like a lot, but looking back it just means that I haven't put fingers to keyboard as much as I should have.  Sorry.  There are times when real life just seems to get in the road, but I love being able to just put up my thoughts when I can.  Thankfully I'm on my last 2 units, and then I'm done with studying... well, maybe.

As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, I stumbled across a Charlaine Harris computer game at my local EB store.  I was just browsing and couldn't believe my eyes when I happened to see her name splashed across the top of the DVD case.  Amazed, I snapped it up for $9, and headed home to play.  I do love a good strategy/hidden object game.  Anyhow, I got stuck into it was having fun.  I got through Days 1 - 3 and started Day 4 (Inked) when I decided that was 5 hrs enough for the day.  

What I didn't realize until a few minutes ago was that there was only 4 episodes on this disc.... WTF!  Yes, that's right.  Only half the game is on there.  Who ever heard of breaking up a game and not mentioning it on the case?  So now I have to wait impatiently for the next part to be released.  And yes I will wait, damn it , because the graphics and story is great.  This game had me hooked before the first 10 minutes were up.  I only have 1 criticism.  That the jumping from map point to map point can get annoying, especially when you have to do it about 4 times just for one clue.

However, I did love the little blood slurping bat that popped up when the game was loading new sections.  He was oh so cute.  The graphics in this game were just amazing.  Like graphic novels come to life.  The music was lovely, if repetitive after a while, and the dialogue was pretty good.  I liked Dahlia.  She had personality, and attitude, plus a serious desire to shop at Tiffany's during daylight hours.  The 'world' shown in this game is amazing.  Gritty streets, manky looking vampires and a seriously creepy child Vamp. I just wish you got to see more of the world than just one or two side games.  I also would have loved it if they could have incorporated a bit more of the Sookieverse in it, like posters for Fangtasia, or other well known locations from the books.  But that could just be me?

So, if you do happen to come across a copy of this game give it a go.  It's not terribly difficult and is a great way to spend a few hours since there are only 4 parts.  Anyway, I'm nearly finished Day 4, so I'd better get back to it and make Polly talk.

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