August 19, 2012

Death of a Domestic Diva

Death of a Domestic Diva
A Toadfern Mystery Bk 1
Sharon Short

Back Cover
Need something troublesome and unsightly eliminated permanently?
Call Josie Toadfern!
There is no stain on Earth that laundromat owner Josie Toadfern can't conquer, and she's offered to share her expertise on world famous domestic doyenne Tyra Grimes's TV show. No one is more shocked than Josie herself when the Great Grimes shows up in Paradise, Ohio, to tape a segment in Josie's teeny-weeny hometown. But rapidly spreading rumors of the insufferable icon's immoral -- and quite possibly illegal -- carryings-on have sparked Josie's curiosity, and her uninvited sorting through Grimes's dirty laundry is exposing all manner of dastardly doings -- from mischief all the way to murder. And the irrepressible Toadfern soon realizes it will take more than lemon juice to make this lethal stain come out in the wash.

Although the title enticed me to purchase this book, it really didn’t live up to my expectations.  Sharon Short has tried to cram a lot of interactions with too many people in this first instalment of her Toadfern Mystery series, and the result is a book that seems to be incapable of following a linear storyline.  We jump from person to person, listening to them whine, bitch, insult and yell at our heroine, Josie Toadfern.  Unfortunately, her insatiable curiosity turns her into a doormat, incapable of telling people where to stuff it when they just mow all over her feelings (or take over her apartment).  She is not the most confident person, and I get the feeling that there should have been a more backstory in there as some of the cruel comments stem from years ago, especially from the Police Chief, John Worthy.  Her boyfriend, Owen, seems to be sweet enough, but he too just ignores her at times, or just avoids her.

Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind while reading it, but if I try another of these books, and that’s a big if, it’ll be from the library.  This book will appeal to you if you enjoy Roberta Isleib, Kathryn Lilley or Laura Childs cosy mysteries, but I think that you’ll have the same reservations I have about buying this series.

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