August 23, 2012

New this week

Mmmm, I'm sooo happy.  I just got some new books yesterday and I've already devoured them all, staying up until nearly 4am reading.  I just couldn't seem to put them down!  I'm paying for it now thought.  My eyes feel like they're full of sand, but it was worth it :-D

  • Always the Vampire - Nancy Haddock
  • Deadly Descendant - Jenna Black
  • Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep
  • Stygian's Honor - Lora Leigh
  • Nightshifted - Cassie Alexander
  • A Taste of the Nightlife - Sarah Zettel

Of all the books the only one that didn't really hit the spot was Nightshifted.  I'll give it a few days and try again - perhaps I was too tired? - and I'll post reviews as soon as I get a good nights sleep.  But in the meantime, I'm off to Book Depository to order some more books.  Wish me luck.

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