August 23, 2012


Kannon Dupree: Timestalker Bk 1
Rhonda Roberts

HarperVoyager, 2009 (582 p.)
ISBN: 978-0-7322-8855-6

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Back cover

When time travel was invented everyone thought it would solve their problems. 
But for 22 year old Kannon Jarratt it's about to turn her life upside down ...

Left for dead in the Blue Mountains when she was just a baby, Kannon has now 
discovered that an American Time Marshal, Victoria Dupree, could be her real 
mother. But Victoria has gone missing in ancient Rome while investigating 
the Hierophant, the mysterious leader of the Isis cult.

Kannon desperately wants to find Victoria but the US National Time Administration 
is standing in her way...

Finally!  An Australian author that kicks arse.  Rhonda Roberts introduces us to Kannon, star of the  Kannon Dupree: Timestalker series.  A feisty new heroine for a new millennium.

Set in a contemporary alternate reality, 22 year old Kannon’s life is about to be turned on its head.  Left for dead in the Blue Mountains as a baby, Kannon survived and is all grown up now.  After the death of her surrogate mother, she begins to look into her own origins and she uncovers the truth of her identity.    Travelling to America, she believes that American Time Marshall, Victoria Dupree, could be her real mother.  Victoria lost her baby girl about the same time that Kannon appeared in Australia, but Victoria has gone missing. Desperate to find Victoria, the only thing that stands in her way is the US National Time Administration . . . and two thousand years.

I devoured this book, and though I have only found a few Aussie authors that write the kind of paranormal/urban fantasy books I like, this does not strictly fall under that category.  A time travelling Aussie was definitely a draw card for me, but it was the cover was what drew my eye. And after reading the blurb I just could not resist temptation.

Kannon is a smart, tough and as much of a kick arse heroine as you could wish for.  It takes balls to travel back in time with no help or background information and yet she does just for the chance to find her mother.  Now, there is a lot of action packed into this detective story, and a dash of espionage thrown in for good measure.  But the icing on the cake is the burgeoning romance between Kannon and an ex-gladiator, Alexander, whose Roman mistress bought him to serve as Kannon’s bodyguard.

Be warned, it can get a little gruesome at times - hello, Gladiators! - but there is no overt or graphic sex in this book thank goodness.

Now, if this ticks all your boxes be aware that so far there two other books published by the author in this series - Hoodwink and Coyote (out 1 Sept 2012) - and you need to read them in order or you'll get totally lost.  If you’re in Australia then Gladiatrix, Hoodwink and Coyote, are available at Collins, Fishpond, QBD, and other bookstores.  I haven’t found paperback copies available on any overseas databases yet like Amazon or Book Depository, though you can buy it as an eBook through Kindle.

If you love Kylie Chan or Keri Arthur then you’ll enjoy this book.  Not for bus or train consumption as you’ll get too into it and not want to stop – and who knows where you’ll end up :P

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