April 22, 2013

Little Menace

I did mention that the new addition to the house was lovely... didn't I?  Well, after what she's gotten up to in the last 24 hours I'm prepared to make her an outside cat!

My darling Eve has not only figured out how to open up the cutlery draw - so she can crawl through to the space behind and play in said space - but, has also figure out that she can open cupboards as well as the sliding wardrobe door.  Oh, and she's also discovered that if she jumps on the kitchen counter, she can then play with the ferns, nibbling at them.  Oh GOD, she just doesn't stop!

I have yet to catch her on camera - the little dickens moves like grease lightning - but I can tell you the crashes and bangs throughout the day, and night, aren't funny!  Then she does something cute, like crash in your arms like a worn out child, with that sweet little face turned up towards you.  Darn it ;-D

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