April 21, 2013

New addition to home

Wow, it has been a long time between posts!  My bad, however I've been so caught up with everyday life that I haven't even opened my laptop for the last two weeks!

One of my reasons has been a half grown cat who doesn't seem to realise that she should be sleeping for about 20 hours a day!  She just doesn't quit!  But she makes up for her inexhaustible reserves of energy by being a loving and sweet natured little darling... and she's absolutely gorgeous to boot ;-D

So I've had to deal with an older cat who's got her tail in a tizz at the presence of the interloper.  They're worse than kids!  Wish me luck - I haven't slept completely through the night for the last two weeks!  Will get back to my reading once pussycat tensions die down.

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