January 2, 2014

First Quilting Project for 2014

Saw this material at Big W and couldn't resist.  It just screams MUG RUG, doesn't it?  The navy material will make up the centre of the mug rug, and the red & white material will make a beautifully contrasting binding.

The dots and utensils set will become either a place mat, or a pot holder.  I'm leaning more towards the pot holder personally.  I'm always happy to see that Big W hasn't discontinued the Fat Quarter range of material they hold.  It wasn't too long ago that you could buy the batting there, then they downsized the quilting/sewing supplies by about a quarter.  Not happy, Fred!  In a small town where supplies are limited, that was definitely a kick in the pincushion ;-D

So depending on how my mug rugs turn out, I'll be making them as presents this year and find a nice antique tea cup to go along with it (perhaps with a few teabags and a small packet of yummy biscuits like Tim Tams?).  I'll let you know how it goes.

On the up side, I treated myself to a pre-cut quilting pattern book.  I already have my eye on the Pinwheel Quilt to make for mum's birthday later in the year.  It never hurts to plan ahead.

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