June 18, 2014

Back to the sewing machine

I finally found a jelly roll that I didn't have either a matching charm pack, or material off the bolt, from the same line.  So yesterday I unrolled my 'Wren & Friends' by Gina Martin for Moda.  All these beautiful fabrics that I then proceeded to wrinkle and knot by sewing them end on end on end on end.... you get the drift.  I spent nearly 3 hours at the sewing machine - and ironing board - yesterday, trying to get some semblance of order into this chaotic tangle of fabric that seemed to be multiplying every time I turned my back!

end on end on end ... it never seemed to end!
First time I was off to the ironing board

nearly at the end of the 2nd step of sewing the long strip of fabric into 2 rows.... aaarrrrghhhhh!
Every time I thought I had it figured out, I'd turn around to find out that I had another 5 metres worth of fabric to sew together.  At one point I untangled the mess and stretched the material loosely out across my unit.  I went from front to back - with room to spare! - and by that time I was beginning to rethink this whole idea.  But I persisted and then came the torturous task of ironing and setting the seams, and pressing the 2 rows open.  OMG!  {No images exist of the ironing portion of this exercise as I was just too darn frazzled!} Then I had to gather it all neatly into some kind of workable system so I wouldn't have any problems when it came to sewing the 2 rows into 4.  A nightmare in the making, but I am determined to finish this darned quilt!

I really must be a glutton for punishment as I'm off to make a few more rows this afternoon.   Wish me oodles of luck.

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