June 21, 2014

Sewing complete... well, almost

I finally finished sewing together all the rows for the jelly roll quilt top.  Actually I finished on Thursday, but a visit from family yesterday meant that I haven't been able to tell you until now ;-D  I was really surprised at the way the colours fell using this Jelly Roll Race method.  I don't think it would matter what you used, the end result would always look charming.

my little sewing helper

But I must tell you that there were times during this whole mess that I would have cheerfully thrown my sewing machine down my front steps if I could have.  It may not look tricky, but I went through 2 bobbins and am part way into the third.  Such a thread guzzler this.  I'm much more prepared for the next time as I have pre-filled a handful more bobbins, and bought thread in 1000m spools.  Was so grateful that I chose to attempt this during June as my local quilting shop supplier is having 25% off this month.  Yeah!  So I've stocked up on rulers, thread and other accessories to get me through the next couple of projects - I was even able to get an Oliso iron (as seen on Missouri Star) for under $120! ... but I digress.
I couldn't resist taking some close up photo's of the sewing process.  Having a new camera means taking photo's of everything! ;-D

The final push, and sewing 16 rows into 32.  This was where I quit.  When I unfolded the material and took it to the bedroom to see what it looked like on a double bed, I was very happy with the size.  But since this is not the complete design, I've still got a little more work to do.  I'm going to add a panel down the right and side, and across the top, in lovely pale off white.  This will give me the dimensions that I want without taking anything away from the gorgeous colours of the jelly roll.  I'm also thinking of appliqueing some solid cream falling leaves down one section of the coloured section.  Just like this....
don't mind the wonky jelly roll backing.  I was in a hurry and plonked part of a photo in using PS CS4
What do you think?  I don't mind it.  In the meantime my mum wants some quilted cushion covers for her loungeroom.  I'm not too fussed on the material, but she likes it and that's all that matters.  But that will have to wait for a few days until I finish reading the Chronicles of Elantra by Michelle Sagara.  The 10th book in the series is out next month and I want to refresh my memory - that and sitting at the table for hours has made my back sore - so I won't be sewing for a little while. 

Good luck with any crafting projects you may have, and happy reading! my lovelies.

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