June 28, 2014

More new books

One of the local discount warehouse stores in town is closing down - relocating? - and a big trestle table full of books was down to $2.40 ea!  Yes, that's not a misprint.  Hardcover, paperback, trade, you name it, they're $2.40.  Unfortunately I already had my arms full with a big shopping bag and only managed to find 3 books amongst everything on the table, but they sound interesting.

LOVE this cover!

•  The Griffin's Flight - K.J Taylor (Aussie author)
•  Eon - Alison Goodman (Aussie author)
•  A Cup of Light - Nicole Mones
•  Dreams of Gods and Monsters - Laini Taylor

The fourth book actually came from Big W, but I just couldn't pass it up as this trade size book was only $12.96!  Cheap as chips.  What surprised me the most was that 2 of the books I picked up were by Australian authors, and I had not read books by 3 of these authors!  I have book one in the trilogy by Laini Taylor and I'm now hunting for book 2 so I can get up to date before beginning Dreams of Gods and Monsters.  Fingers crossed I'll have be able to get through a few of the books in my TBR pile before my MUST buys next month - Cast in Flame, Book of Life and Magic Breaks.

Happy reading!

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