June 22, 2014

Review: Dead of the Day

Dead of the Day
An Annie Seymour Mystery, Book 3
Karen E. Olson

Published: 06 November, 2007

Signet, mass market paperback, 309p.
ISBN: 9780451222473

April has hit New Haven, Connecticut, bringing with it something less fragrant than May flowers; an unidentified body in the harbor.  The strange fact that there were bee stings on the floater gives New Haven Herald police reporter Annie Seymour an intriguing excuse to put her profile of the new police chief on hold – although the piece does become a lot more interesting when the subject is gunned down.

And this is only the beginning of a killer expose.  As she connects the dots between the John Doe, the police chief, and the city’s struggling immigrant population, Annie draws a line between herself and someone who doesn’t want her to learn the truth. . .or live to report it.

Annie Seymour is a 30 something workaholic journalist who is trying to get on with her journalism while trying to figure out the men in her life.  After trying to make things work with sometime squeeze Vinny DeLucia, Annie now finds herself up to her bangs in trouble as she tries to cope with both Vinny’s apparent desertion and the seedy world of crooked cops and by-line stealing co-workers. Unlike other tough-talking modern women, Annie seems to go from being a hardnosed journalist to behind the eight ball lover with amusing regularity.   In this third instalment, Annie is trying to get the scoop on the new police chief – until his sudden death.  It’s fun to watch Annie deal with Dicky, the journalist that seems to be always trying to one-up her.  Dicky seems to have eyes and ears in places Annie can’t access, and it just chaps her butt that he keeps getting the juicy details.

Vinny, her on-again/off-again boyfriend and handsome PI, is once again being the temperamental man in her life.  On the outs, Annie is just about at the end of her tether in regards to any future relationship they might have.  Tom, the local police detective senses that weakness and makes overtures.  Vinny gets the wrong idea, but to Tom’s dismay, this actually brings them face to face again.  We also meet Vinny’s brother, and famous author, Rocco, who gets involved in the action. 

This books continues the ups and downs in Annie’s personal and professional life.  If there was anyone more injury prone in a book I haven’t met them yet!  {Oh, wait.  I have, and her name is Stephanie Plum!}  Her mother seems to drive her crazy, her father’s still in Las Vegas but using his mob connections to help his little girl, and Vinny is driving her nuts with his closed-mouth position regarding her mother’s cases.

Although I still haven’t been able to read the first book, that hardly matters.  This is a great book, with characters that invite you into their world.  If Vinny and Annie ever get their sh*t together they’d be unstoppable.  The down side is if you’re trying to find a copy of these books I'm sad to say, they are out of print.  I happened to find my copy of this book in a cheap sale at K-Mart (for only $4!) where books are sold by the pallet to the chain-stores.  Unfortunately, this is the only book in the Annie Seymour Mystery series that I’ve been able to find - but I'm still on the look out.

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