April 29, 2015

Book Review || To Catch a Leaf

To Catch a Leaf
A Flower Shop Mystery #12
Kate Collins

This edition
Published 01 November 2012
Kennebec Large Print, paperback, 411p.
ISBN: 9781410443151

Flower shop owner Abby Knight is aglow with happiness now that she's officially engaged to her longtime beau, Marco Salvare.  Nothing will dampen her joy - not a new dent on her beloved Corvette, nor her future mother-in-law's micromanaging of her wedding.  Until wealthy dowager Constance Newport is killed, and Abby's assistant, Grace Bingham, is left a hefty sum of money, making her the prime suspect.  Then Abby and Marco stumble upon an elaborate heist.  Before she can throw her bouquet, Abby will have to throw a killer in jail.

Since I borrowed this book from my library they only had the large type edition available.  However, this is the cover that I will be getting so it matches the rest of my books:

Obsidian, mass market pbk, 336p.
ISBN: 9780451235237

Again, this is another cosy series where I've been reading the books out of order - and while that isn't too much of an issue with the Tea Shop Mystery series, it does matter with this series.  There is such a reliance on the relationships in the series that I'd recommend you read these books in order so as not to become totally lost - or potentially spoil yourself like I did.

As with other books in this series, and with Theodosia from Tea Shop series, I found that I have the same problem from book to book.  A main character that can't, or won't, stand up for herself and say NO to those near and dear.  There are all these bossy, frustratingly annoying characters that keep trying to do things, or override Abby's decisions and she never puts her foot down and tells them to take a hike.  It aggravates me to no end, and is my No. 1 gripe about this series.

However, as a cosy mystery book it was reasonably fast paced - taking place over a matter of days -  with a limited, yet interesting, cast of potential murderers.  The identity of the culprit was well hidden, with a few red herrings thrown in to divert attention, and I only figured out who dunnit a few pages before the big reveal... yah me! ;-D... and the side mystery that is interwoven with the main plot line seems totally unconnected at first, but plays a part in the unmasking of our villain.

So while this is no Miss Marple, it was quick and fun to read.  If you like cosy mysteries, or A Tea Shop Mystery, then give this series a go.

I'd rate this book:

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