May 10, 2015

T5W: Books I'd like to see as a TV series

It's been a while since I've done a Top 5 Wednesday list, but I thought I'd get back into it as there are so many books/series that I think would be amazing to adapt for television.  

With special effects being so realistic these days it means that shows based on fantasy or magic are no longer the second class programs with cheesy effects.  Hopefully at some stage in the future I might get to watch one of these ;-D

As usual, these are in no particular order - enjoy!

I could see a great series being made with the characters from Stephanie Plum series - and I'd rather like forget about that horrible movie - and with so many books in the series there are a whole range of scenarios to pick and choose from for episodes.  However, I'd only watch it if it was done well!

Next we have the In Death series by J.D. Robb.  This is such an amazing world with complex characters that would make for great TV.  Set in the future not to distant future, there are so many technologies that can be done visually.  A great police series with a myriad of cases to choose from (book 41 out later this year!) and so many strong characters, both good and totally evil, to portray that it would make for a must watch series.

Couldn't resist an urban fantasy or two.  The Guild Hunters series would also be a truly amazing series for TV.   Archangels, angels, vampires... what more could you want?!  Like In Death it takes place mainly in NY, however foreign exotic locations would also be a must.  Can't recommend this highly enough for a TV spot.

Moon Called is my nod to the current fascination with all things shapeshifter.  This is an amazing series that mixes mythology and folklore, Gods and vampires, witches and other things that go BUMP in the night, and puts them into a contemporary American city.  Full of murder, mystery, drama and betrayal.  I'd love to see this ;-D

And finally, I couldn't resist a shout-out for this intriguing Australian series.  I only need to give you the series title for you to begin imagining the possibilities ... Kannon Dupree: Timestalker.  Are you imagining episodes full of Roman Gladiators, seductive 1920's noir, Aztec gods, Wild West gunfights yet?  I am ;-D

So, those were my top 5 books that I'd love to see made into TV shows.  What do you think? Would you like to see these?  Let me know in the comment area below whether or not you think these would make a great TV show.

Until next time,

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