April 14, 2015

Meet Phryne!

On Saturday morning I brought home the newest furry member in our family.  A gorgeous little furball - who looks so much like Evie Nyxx it's spooky! - she came from the RSPCA's adoption pen at our local shopping centre (a school holidays awareness and adoption campaign).  Phryne is supposed to be 7 and a half months old, but from the size of her I'd say she's more 4 and a half months.

Why the name Phryne?  Well it just so happens that I was watching an episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries not long after we got her home.  I still hadn't thought of a name - she was listed as Roxanne at the shelter! - and I decided that she had spunky attitude, mysterious past and gorgeous looks of our leading lady ;-D

Cute as a button, playful and quirky, I think that this little stripy bundle will liven up the household and provide companionship to not only myself, but to Titchy and Evie Nyxx as well.

It's now day 3, and last night Evie Nyxx and Phrynekinns (don't blame me, blame Cousin Guy!) played chase-me-Charlie all through the living area.  I found them curled up within touching distance on the couch, and this morning I woke up to the sounds of cats thundering around the house so I am optimistic that life will settle back to it's usual quiet rhythms in a few more days.

It is such a rewarding experience adopting an animal, so if you are wanting a new pet - be it a dog, cat, chicken, donkey, or pig - please check out your local RSPCA Animal Shelter and give an animal a second chance.


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