April 14, 2015

Physio, dry needling, and re-reading

Back at home after an early morning visit to the hospital physio department.  This week was my second session of dry needling on my Achilles to help reduce the scar tissue forming on the tendon.  Last week I had 6 needles drilled into the back of my ankle.  It felt really strange, almost like my muscles wanted to tick, and I ended up with a bruise from that - and it felt like someone had hauled off and kicked me in the back of my ankle by day 2.

Today the needles went in a lower location.  They hurt a bit more, and once they were out and I had to flex my foot up and down... oh boy.  Pointing my toes down almost sent my achilles into a spasm.  I've been assured that this is normal and a hot pack/hot foot bath later on today should help.  Fingers crossed.  Thankfully this treatment does seem like this is helping as the extreme feeling of stretching to the point of breaking isn't as intense as it has been for the past couple of months.  If it helps loosen the knot of scar tissue that seems to be forming on the tendon, then I will be happy to have the professionals use me as a pincushion.

Love this book.  A much adored guilty pleasure read ;-D

For now, I'm going to slowly go about the usual chores (laundry, how lovely) and then take it slow and put my feet up for a few hours.  I've been rereading some of my favourite Regency era mystery books - The Bastion Club plus the occasional Bar Cynster series books - and am trying to get out of the reading funk I've been having for the last 2 months.  I just can't seem to muster the energy to pick up any of the myriad of new books that are waiting on my TBR shelves.  Anyway, I'm going to try and start one tonight.  The weather is getting cooler, so perhaps snuggling under a knitted afghan will help.

Wish me luck for next week as I go in for my final session.

Unitl next time,

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