August 27, 2012

Review: Stygian's Honor

Stygian's Honor
Breeds Bk 27
Lora Leigh

Released: 07 August 2012
Mass Market Paperback, 374p.
Berkley Books
ISBN: 978-0-425-24607-8

The Breeds return - in Lora Leigh's breathtaking new novel of animals instincts and human desires...

Window Rock, Arizona, is the last known location of Honor Roberts, who vanished when she was just thirteen.  It was her only sanctuary from the Breed research that would surely have ended in her death - one such insidious experiment should, indeed, have killed her.  That she lived is both a miracle - and a great mystery.

Stygian's mission is to find Honor Roberts, no matter the cost.  Now, with the help of Liza Johnson, assistant to the chief of the Navajo Nation, he is closer than ever to his goal.  But will the discovery of Honor Roberts mean the destruction of the mating heat that has developed between Stygian and Liza?

This latest installment of the Breeds series sees us following Stygian in his struggle to secure his mate's love.  I have been following the Breeds for more than 10 years, and even though the formula is still the same - Breed finds girl, girl resists, first kiss then BAM, mating heat, trouble follows, fights erupt, kiss and makeup - I still can't get enough of these guys.

The Good:

So, what did I like about Stygian's Honor?  I have been curious about the mysterious Breed that has played a part in so many of the previous books.  Stygian is another loner who has found himself wanting a woman who is being hunted by the Genetics Council.  He is a strong, loving, protective male who only wants Liza.  I do love a dominant Breed :-D

The story arc is still following the hunt for anyone who can help Amber (Jonas and Rachel's daughter) survive. It's a good storyline and always tugs on the heartstrings, but I hope that it gets resolved soon {I want to read Cassie's story *nudge nudge*}.  Having said that, you can see that Jonas and Co. are making real progress in that respect - and that helps move things along.

Many of the characters we know and love pop up in Stygian's Honor which is great because you can find out what they're up to (in a limited fashion of course).  It's always nice to see old favourites.

The Bad:

Okay, so it's basically the same as every other book.  Just change the names, physical descriptions, and voila! a new book.  As for characters, as much as I love him, Jonas is getting on my nerves.  Seemingly a God among Breeds, apparently there is little he can't do.  I would like someone to be able to hand him his a$$ just for once.  Perhaps Gideon will be that Breed?

Liza is quite a confusing character, so she gets a special mention. Not to say that she isn't a strong, fiesty woman, but she was all over the place emotionally throughout the book.  I did find the premise of a hidden identity enticing, however the discovery and revealing of the much hunted Honor was a little disappointing.  I thought that more could have been done in that respect.

Then there are the fathers of Liza and Claire.  One minute Audi, Liza's father, is protective and loving then a few chapters later he's giving her his 'military face' and causing no end of grief for her. Consistency please!  Liza's mother appeared to be set up to have a more substantial role in the book than she ended up with.  During one of the final confrontations between the families and the Breeds, she was nowhere in sight.  I would have liked to have her reaction to the 'secret' shown. 

Also, thanks to Dog and his conversation with Thane it appears that there is another twist in the storyline ... now what new subplot is being set up?

Overall opinion:

Lora Leigh has stumbled onto something magical with her Breeds and their struggle for freedom, but there are only so many storylines one can use before it all gets repetitive.  There is a real chance that the series could deteriorate, story-wise, like the Kenyon's Dark-Hunters, or Feehan's Dark series.  For now, I think there is still life in the series - I can't wait for Gideon/Fawn and Cassie's stories - so I'll be on the look out for future books.

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