May 3, 2013

Dark Serpent now on shelves

Yes, that's right.  The first book of the final trilogy is now available!  Dark Serpent, by Kylie Chan, continues the somewhat epic love story about our star crossed lovers Emma Donahue and the Dark Lord, Xuan Wu.

I've been following this series since I first saw the cover of White Tiger on the shelf at Bookworld - many years ago now - not long after it was first released.  There is something compelling about this twist on a mythology based story, and I have been waiting on tender hooks for all these years to finally find out exactly who, or what, Emma finally is!

My only negative is that the book has been released in trade format.  With the other books on my shelves in mass market format I don't like to have all different sizes in the one series.  So I'll be reserving my copy from the library and waiting for the smaller edition.

So until then I'm hoping to avoid all reviews - and resisting the temptation to peek!


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