February 9, 2014

Book Review: The Teaberry Strangler

The Teaberry Strangler
A Tea Shop Mystery, Book 11
Laura Childs

Published: Hardcover March, 2010 / Paperback March, 2011

Berkley Prime Crime Mystery, mass market paperback, 303p.
ISBN: 978-0-425-24020-5

The narrow cobblestone alleys of Charleston are bustling with shoppers looking for bargains on antiques, heaping bowls of crab chowder - and of course Theodosia Browning's delicious teas.  But when the clock strikes ten, the alleys clear, except for one body - discovered by a horrified Theodosia.  It's the strangled form of Daria, the map store's owner.

Many locals have shown interest in buying Daria's shop - but enough to kill?  Plus there's the customer hell-bent on getting his hands on a certain not-for-sale map.  One can hardly throw a scone without hitting a suspect.  Most alarming, however, is Detective Tidwell's theory: that the killer mistook Daria for Theodosia.  Because that would mean the killer's work isn't yet done...

I'm still feeling under the weather, but felt like adding another review.  Please forgive the abridged version below, but I just can't manage too long at the computer at the moment :-(

Okay, to read this book - which sounded so interesting online - I've skipped a few titles in the series, which was annoying at times when I realized that I'd missed some backstory in Theo and Jory's life.  I was surprised that Theo had bought her dream cottage (even if she was still waiting for the sale to go through) however, that was put aside when she was walking into the house and mentally placing her furniture here and there.  As I'm contemplating moving in the near future, it just struck me as exciting some how?

I see that although Jory may now be the ex-boyfriend, he certainly isn't out of the picture (I so have to go back and read the few books in between to find out just what happened!!).  He crops up in places and is such a whiny guy (compared to Max) who seems to take Theo for granted - even though they aren't dating!  His ex-fiance, Beth, was also a wake-up call.  If this is who he would date, and ask to marry him, I think Theo had a lucky escape.

So, with Jory thus relegated to the sidelines I was expecting Theo to rush into Parker's arms for comfort and a chat - or at least chatting on the phone - but surprisingly there was no Parker in this book.  He's out in Vegas.  Apparently out of mind, out of sight.  Doesn't bode well for Theo's future love life, does it?

Drayton is still as lovable, if restrained and proper, as always.  He is such a mentor/father figure to Theo.  I enjoy reading their moments together, whether just chatting or delving into mysterious rumors.  Drayton and Haley's almost sibling like relationship is also a joy to read.  They snap and snark at each other like only relatives can - even though there's no blood relating them - but you don't have to be blood to be a family.

I'll say it again.  Delaine frustrates me no end.  Theo, just learn to say 'NO!'.

This mystery with it's twists and turns was a fun way to spend a few hours.  Great for times when you need something quick and fun to read.  Will be recommending the series to my local book club.  I really enjoy the Tea Shop series, and can't wait to fill the gaps in my bookshelf.  

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