February 10, 2014


Just a quick post today.  I was rudely roused out of bed this morning by a knock at the door.  Turns out that after 2 months, the tradesman who have been contracted by my landlord finally arrived to install the required handrails in the bathroom...d'oh!

I asked them if they could wait for a few minutes while I did the mad dash to the bathroom and picked up last nights clothes and made sure that no embarrassing underclothes hanging over the shower stall - oh, and clean the kitty litter!  Thus satisfied, I opened the door and let them in.

All was going well until about 40min later I realized that there was a funny noise coming from the kitchen.  Being inquisitive, I toddled on over and discovered to my shock that Evie Nyx had squished herself behind the fridge in order to hide from the noise the handymen were making drilling into the bathroom tiles - and she was stressing out trying to turn around.  Poor little tyke.  I got her out as quickly as I could - mysteriously wet feet included - and got her snuggled into her old towel and for the next half an hour she stayed in my arms, where she was safe.

Evie Nyx was happy to be wrapped up in my arms, her little ears twitching like crazy with every bump that came from the en-suite.  Not a happy cat.  This is the first mini-meltdown she's ever had with strangers in the house (and the tradies were great with not scaring her any more than they did).  Even now a few hours later, she's going around the bathroom, giving it a thorough smell check.  She gets up on the small step-stair in the shower so she can sniff as high as possible near the handrail.  How OCD! ;-D

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